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Saturday, December 25, 2010


My cousin Zack wanted to try out the Ouija board. It was only 7:30 but I thought we’d try it out. We lit 3 candles and my little brother, AJ, came down to join us. After a few interruptions from my brother (who keeps yelling at me for using the Ouija board) and my mother, things began moving.

Gavin began talking to us first and admitted that he was being shy. He said there were other spirits in the room, the havcketts and another spirit. Malek was not in the room. I could feel something trying to control the board. Gavin said that there was an evil spirit in the room, but it wasn’t the one from before. I told Gavin to let him talk.

He said that he did not have a name and that he wanted to hurt someone in the room, me. But, then I felt something struggling for control of the board. Things died down. I asked if we were still talking to the spirit that wanted to harm me and it said no. It was Malek. He and his tribe got rid of the evil spirit. Now, my friends who used the board with me on the 23rd would say, “how would you know that it was actually Malek?” But this time it was different. I could sense Malek’s presence on me in the room and really felt like I was being protected.

I asked if the Havcketts were in the room and he said yes. I asked him to get off the board so they could talk. Hans and Maria began talking and I asked them to spell out my little brother’s name. They spelled out “ADAM” which was correct. I asked if they don’t come into my room because there is a spirit living in there and they said no. They don’t go in because they consider it my personal space. They said they wanted to tell us something, “TREAT EQUAL.” “Are you trying to tell us to treat everyone equally?” I asked and they said yes. My cousin had to leave so I decided to call it a night. I thanked Gavin and the Havcketts for talking and thanked Malek and the Znmay for protecting me.

Something I wanted to bring up though was the actual usage of the Ouija board. I’ve actually been on the board only a few times and have gotten very slow answers. Tonight I believe that I learned to open up. I can feel spirits pretty well, but letting them talk through me was different. When using it, I felt cold and was shaking, but at the same time, I was sweating. It was an odd mix. The best way I can think of to describe the feeling is imagine you’re in a pool. You’re standing still. Someone swims by you under the water. You can feel the motion of them on your leg. This kind of force is on your hands when you use the Ouija board. You let your hands float and the current just takes you.

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