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Friday, January 7, 2011


Things got crazy last night. It was only Vince and Nigel with me last night and Nigel decided to get on the board. Right away this thing told us it didn’t have a name, and then he said he did. He tried to spell out Gavin’s name but couldn’t. I told him he needs to leave and he went to goodbye. We began to talk to Gavin, who normally doesn’t spell out much, but spelled out “I AM BEING MISUSED.” This demon was trying to use Gavin to trick us. We asked to talk to the demon. It would not tell us its name. Through my research, I’ve learned that to help get power over a demon that won’t tell you its name, you must give it a name. I said its name would be “Franklin.” It spelled out Franklin very angrily. I asked it to leave one more time or else I would get Malek. NO.

So, I went outside with a candle. I stepped of my front porch and stood there for a second, asking for Malek to join me. Just then, I heard a loud snarl in front of me, about 50 feet away, coming from this swampy area that sits in my yard. I went back inside and asked the guys to join me. Franklin was still there. I asked if he growled at me outside and it shot to yes. He also said that Malek was in the room. Since he wouldn’t let me talk to Malek, I told him the situation. There was an obvious struggle on the Ouija board and through Nigel, who was shaking violently. I asked if I should light incense and it shot to yes, but then spelled out “THE INCENSE” very intensely. I asked if it wanted me to light the incense and it shot to “NO” but it was obviously Franklin. Nigel began to laugh, thinking Franklin was sounding dramatic like “noooooo”. It lightened up the room and brought some positive energy into the room.

I lit the incense and began walking around. This thing was clearly trying to take Nigel. After about a minute, I turned on a light. It shot to NO. Malek began to talk to us and told us that Franklin was in the adjacent room and kept spelling out “THE MOZ” we asked if it was the pine he said yes. After some guessing, we asked if we should burn it and he said yes. He said he would come out and join us. Since Nigel’s an eagle scout, we got a fire going quickly and burned all the pine. Vince claimed he heard a growl, but Nigel and I did not hear it. We went back inside and left the lights on.

We began to talk to Gavin for a while who thanked us for getting the evil spirit away from him. He seemed extremely happy. He said he didn’t like the music we were playing earlier and said it was “LOWD.” He told us that loud music scares away spirits. He spelled out “BED” and I told him I’m getting there. We asked Gavin if there was anything we could do to protect him tonight. “LIGHT.” He wanted us to leave the light on. I also put some pine in the doorway to the outside and he went to yes quickly 3 times. I kept asking if that was enough and he kept saying no, but he said he was just kidding. I asked if there was something in the room that was iron, because I heard that Iron keeps away spirits. He spelled out “THE LOVE STOVE.” He was referring to the big oil furnace in my basement. He said he wrote “LOVE” on the stove in charcoal and that it was installed in 1920. We were trying to find “love” somewhere on it then I asked if he really wrote “love” on it and he said no. Then we asked when it was really put it and he said “1950.” We laughed. Gavin just likes to makes us laugh because it puts positive energy into the room. He spelled out “THE LAUGH.”

Malek then jumped on the board suddenly. He spelled out “THE MOZ” again. (We brought some more in after we burned the original ones.) He told us not to pull the branches off of a live tree again. I asked if there was a way to offer thanks to him and the tribe, what we should give him. He spelled out “FIRE”. Nigel asked if playing drums around a fire would help and he said “Yes”. In the near future we will have a campfire in his honor. I asked if Franklin was still in my house. He said he was upstairs with my mom. We asked if he could get him to leave my house and he said yes. He left then. We told Gavin that we should leave because we don’t want to bring Franklin back and he kept saying no. We left with the lights on.

I went up to my room and laid pine branches in the doorway and slept with the lights on. I was considering not to but something weird happened then. I was sitting on the end of my bed taking my shoes off. My computer was on the other end of my bed. I heard a noise on the floor and my power cable for my computer was on the floor a good 2 feet away from my computer. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that was paranormal because there’s always the chance that the cord wasn’t in my computer and just happened it fall.

The last thing I wanted to talk about was the meditation. While talking to Gavin, Vince asked if He could see our physical forms and he said no. Nigel asked if our souls had colors and he said that they do. He then spelled them out for us. Nigel’s is GREEN, mine is RED (my favorite color by the way), His is “VI…” (we asked if he meant violet and shot to yes), and Vince’s is also violet. I asked if I meditated down in the basement, would I be able to see you, Gavin? “TRY” he spelled. Nigel wanted to try right then. Gavin once again said “TRY.” So we all sat for 20 minutes and Nigel meditated. When he came back, we asked if Nigel saw him and he said “YES YES YES” Nigel asked about things he saw. Gavin spelled out that he was a “BALL”. A violet ball. He was extremely excited. I’ve never seen him this happy. It was the first time someone has seen him in about 80 years. I’m not sure Nigel remembers or maybe he didn’t see him clearly, but Gavin appeared. I told him that I was going to go down today and meditate and he was very excited. So that’s my game plan for today.


That night was Nikki, Sam, Vince, and I. A few strange things happened. We took the Ouija board up to my attic where it spelled out “GET OUT” so we did. In the basement, for the first time, I felt confident in my Ouija skill and was able to communicate openly and Vince was surprisingly good at it as well. First we dealt with some sort of negative spirit. He tried to tell us he had a name and spelled out, “JZ”. I confronted it right away and told it that we know it’s not a human spirit and it needs to leave. Then it went to “goodbye.” Gavin came back then. It was strange because it was like the demon lost hope in trying to trick us when I called him out. He understood and left.

We began to respectfully ask Gavin about his death. I do not recommend asking a spirit about his death though unless you know what it is you’re doing! If you ever use a Ouija board, do not ask about the spirits death the first time! After talking to Gavin for a while, I decided it would be okay because he thinks of us as friends. He told us that he killed himself in 1931 outside of my barn. Right outside my barn is a tree. I am assuming that he hung himself, although I did not directly ask. He did not have a proper burial and was basically just buried in a field, but by a pond. He then pointed out where exactly and right over the hill in that direction is a pond.

The Havcketts came down then. Hans said it was him that told us to get out. He did not want us to use the Ouija board up there because he does not want us to bring evil spirits into the attic. I began to respectfully ask Hans about his death. He not only went to “no”, he spelled out “N.O.” I was stupid and kept pressing the issue. I was on the board at this time and felt a sharp pain in my thigh. I tried to recreate it and it felt like someone poked me strongly. I asked if that was Hans and he did not respond.

We began to talk to Malek then. He was comfortable talking about his death, but only really told us that his remains are up in the mound up in my woods, the Znmay sacred ground. We then heard noises in the adjacent room. It sounded like things were being thrown around. We asked if that was Hans and Malek said it was. He also said Hans was angry with me. I just shrugged it off for the moment and continued talking to Malek. Malek told me that he could show other spirits that are Amcidzo the light, but they have to want to see the light. At this point Hans came back and I could feel him right on top of me. I apologized like crazy and asked for his forgiveness. He said he forgives me.

After we were cool, Hans spelled out “EQUAL” like before when he spelled “TREAT EQUALLY.” I asked if he meant to treat equally and he said yes. Then Vince asked if someone was being treated unequally and it said yes. It spelled out my name. Vince (almost jokingly) then asked if it was because I am hearing impaired and he said yes. He told us that his wife, Maria was completely deaf. It seems he sympathizes with me or possibly pities me. We closed up the board shortly after.