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Friday, January 7, 2011


That night was Nikki, Sam, Vince, and I. A few strange things happened. We took the Ouija board up to my attic where it spelled out “GET OUT” so we did. In the basement, for the first time, I felt confident in my Ouija skill and was able to communicate openly and Vince was surprisingly good at it as well. First we dealt with some sort of negative spirit. He tried to tell us he had a name and spelled out, “JZ”. I confronted it right away and told it that we know it’s not a human spirit and it needs to leave. Then it went to “goodbye.” Gavin came back then. It was strange because it was like the demon lost hope in trying to trick us when I called him out. He understood and left.

We began to respectfully ask Gavin about his death. I do not recommend asking a spirit about his death though unless you know what it is you’re doing! If you ever use a Ouija board, do not ask about the spirits death the first time! After talking to Gavin for a while, I decided it would be okay because he thinks of us as friends. He told us that he killed himself in 1931 outside of my barn. Right outside my barn is a tree. I am assuming that he hung himself, although I did not directly ask. He did not have a proper burial and was basically just buried in a field, but by a pond. He then pointed out where exactly and right over the hill in that direction is a pond.

The Havcketts came down then. Hans said it was him that told us to get out. He did not want us to use the Ouija board up there because he does not want us to bring evil spirits into the attic. I began to respectfully ask Hans about his death. He not only went to “no”, he spelled out “N.O.” I was stupid and kept pressing the issue. I was on the board at this time and felt a sharp pain in my thigh. I tried to recreate it and it felt like someone poked me strongly. I asked if that was Hans and he did not respond.

We began to talk to Malek then. He was comfortable talking about his death, but only really told us that his remains are up in the mound up in my woods, the Znmay sacred ground. We then heard noises in the adjacent room. It sounded like things were being thrown around. We asked if that was Hans and Malek said it was. He also said Hans was angry with me. I just shrugged it off for the moment and continued talking to Malek. Malek told me that he could show other spirits that are Amcidzo the light, but they have to want to see the light. At this point Hans came back and I could feel him right on top of me. I apologized like crazy and asked for his forgiveness. He said he forgives me.

After we were cool, Hans spelled out “EQUAL” like before when he spelled “TREAT EQUALLY.” I asked if he meant to treat equally and he said yes. Then Vince asked if someone was being treated unequally and it said yes. It spelled out my name. Vince (almost jokingly) then asked if it was because I am hearing impaired and he said yes. He told us that his wife, Maria was completely deaf. It seems he sympathizes with me or possibly pities me. We closed up the board shortly after.

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