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Friday, December 24, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday so Amelia’s not with me anymore.

Decided to use the Ouija board last night with Sam, Nigel, and Nikki, then new comers, Vince, Ross, and Katie. I wanted them to meet Gavin and the Havcketts, but that’s not really what happened.

First we started to talk to Gavin. About a minute later, something kicked him off the board. This spirit said his name was Jade and was standing by the candle on the opposite side of the room. He wanted to tell his “I A AM” then went to the moon.” He spelled it again but without the second A. It said it was the night. I knew that something wasn’t right. I asked if its name was really Jade and it said no. I asked if it could tell us its real name and it said no. First we asked if it wanted to harm anyone and it said yes, but we asked it again a few minutes later and it said no and that it only wanted to scare us.

I asked if Malek and his tribe, the Znmay, was in the room and it said it was. I asked Malek to take control of the board and he did for a little. It was clear there was a struggle for control. I asked Malek if he could get rid of Jade and he said he could. Things got silent for a little. I thought Malek got Jade to leave. He said there was more evil spirits in the room, but I was just glad we got rid of Jade. Or so I thought.

I lit 3 incense and walked around the whole basement with them. It seemed to weaken any of the spirits there. We decided to Ouija again with the lights on to see if Malek got rid of Jade. We asked Malek how many people were in his tribe and he didn’t know. It wasn’t Malek. It was Jade. I said, “Jade this is my house and you need to leave, do you understand that?” It went to yes and things seemed to stop.

We took the board outside to try and get in contact with Malek. It was hard for Nigel to communicate because it was so cold. We asked if we were talking to Malek, it said yes, asked if he got rid of Jade, he said yes. Things died down for a little. Then it seemed like we were talking to Jade, but it claimed to not be Jade or any of the Znmay. Whenever we asked it a question it either went to “Z” or “0”. It went up to the moon again, then Z, then to the bottom left corner.

We shut it off there. If an entity moves to the 4 corners of the board (and it was going in a clockwise manner) it is able to leave the board and enter our world. We came back inside and cleaned up, then put a pine branch at the top of the steps to the basement and another one in the doorway of my room.

Katie Westenberger was keeping notes the whole time. I decided it’s best to write down everything she wrote down…

“ Eric, Nigel, Vince, Sam, Nikki, Kate, Ross.
12/23/10 or 12/24/10

Gavin likes the cats, not scratching at the window though. (my cat was scratching at the window)

JADE (male, human) new, not attached to any of us.

Not feeling okay.

I A AM the moon.
Not “night”
I AM (moon)
Not really his name.

(Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be his name thy kingdom come thy will be down on earth as it is in heaven)

Jade is no longer here.

Malek – too many bad to count

(I am shaking?)

One on Eric – Jade

Cat freaking out.

Everyone feels cold. I do not feel cold.
(incense + light)
Jade – then left.

No Gavin, no Malek.

[outside on porch]
Z. going to the far right – END

“Trying to open something up by going to the four corners?” "

I believe that we experienced a negative energy last night. It said it was human, but I am not sure. However, I believe that we were able to get rid of it. As soon as we realized what it was we asked for assistance from the protectors of my woods, the Znmay. I believe the Znmay began to scare it off, then we lit the incense and weakened it a lot. When I asked it to leave, it went to yes. We were still experiencing little things like the “Z” and “0” afterward though. I believe that this was just residual energy from Jade. It’s hard to describe residual energy. But imagine just negative energy with bits of Jade in it. I believe that if this energy would have gone to all the 4 corners, that Jade (and possibly other negative spirits) would have come back (possibly even stronger.)

I also believe that Katie stopped feeling cold because she said a prayer. The prayer put a protective shield around her. Consider prayer for the next time I need protection.

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  1. I think you should consider prayer more heavily. I'm glad we did not encounter any personified evil last night, but I don't think I want to use the board again for a long time. Delving into the spiritual unknown is interesting and peaks my curiosity, however, I feel that the Ouija board, although effective from my perspective as a way of communicating with spirits, also serves to invite unwanted "demonic" activity. I don't believe any normal spirit seeks out communication with the living and if one makes it easier for a negative influence to gain access to this world and mess with everyone, then of course that will be the presence that takes an interest in speaking. If anything these recent experiences with the board lead me to believe that my place at this time is here in the reality I perceive everyday, trying to get the most out of it.
    Using the board is rather like watching an episode of Lost, one always comes away with more questions than answers, and these questions are the kind that can become consuming in their own way. Like Vince was saying, "I don't want curiosity killin' none o' my cats!"
    Merry Christmas, Light is reentering the world!