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Friday, December 24, 2010


I don’t know where to begin. First day of winter. Last night was the equinox, a full moon, and a lunar eclipse. This only happens about every 750 years.
I found out a lot about different elements last night that effect spirits.


Pine needles (branches) – similar to salt, spirits cannot seem to cross over it. If placed in a doorway, spirits cannot leave. Originally thought to ward off evil spirits, not sure if that’s the case anymore. The spirits were getting frustrated because they couldn’t leave. Once Gavin (one of the regular spirits) told us to move the branches, many spirits left the room.

Incense – the smoke seems to ward off all spirits in the immediate area or at least weaken them. They asked us to put out the smoke and seemed to grow stronger when it was out.

Candles – fire is a good idea to help get more energy into the room. It is also helpful to see the Ouija board. My basement is a good place to Ouija due to the wood furnace.


** I’ve decided to not include the spirits I’ve met before today just to keep myself organized.

Gavin – Groundskeeper of my house during the 1920s. He is 20 years old and moved to America from Africa when he was 10 years old. He did not want to leave Africa. His hometown was “AZPZ” and cannot write in English very well, but can understand it well enough. He resides in my basement and barn, but sticks to the grounds around my house. Seems to have passed in 1930, not sure of how he passed. In his life, he took care of the grounds and he asked questions about life. Will occasionally go on Nigel to give him energy when talking to other spirits. Now he is Amcidzo*

*Amcidzo appears to be a word from the spiritual realm which means “one that has lost the way.” Gavin does not want to be trapped here, but he is. However, he does not seem very unhappy. He is playful and enjoys talking to people.

The Havcketts – (Not sure that’s spelled correctly) the husband’s name is Hans and the wife’s name is Marie. They moved into my house in 1938. Hans is 29 and Marie is 19 (or am I confusing their ages with the Havons?) They hang out in the bathroom next to my room, the attic, and the hallway outside my room. They said they do not go into my room and it is NOT because it is my personal space. Is there something in my room that they don’t like? When asked if they wanted to tell us something they said that they were “very happy.” They are innocent and polite and love this house. They just want to observe. It can be creepy for some to feel like you’re being watched in my bathroom, but they mean no harm.

The Havons – Uber and Vickie. Uber was born in 1903. They never lived in my house and are related to me (not sure if they’re on my mom’s side or dad’s side). They wanted to tell me something though. They wanted to tell me “you’re loved.” They said they were with my (dad’s) grandparents and they said yes. They said they would tell them I said hello. They seemed to only be there because of the lunar events and to deliver the message. Awesome.

Malek and the 18 – 19 Native Americans that have protected the woods and land around my house for almost 1,000 years. The tribe was called the Znmay. They cannot write English but understand it. Malek is the chief and was born in 1020. He is 50 years old. The tribe was upset about the killing of a doe in my woods. I promised that it would not happen again and they understood. However, they did not want us to be using the Ouija board and should not be talking to our zomes (see below). Also, NEVER go back up to the mound at the top of the woods. It is sacred and should be treated as such. Malek got very upset when I asked about it. The tribe will come down to our campfires when we have them, to gather energy.
We talked to 2 other members of the tribe. I cannot remember their names, but one was Amcidzo and grabbing onto my leg.

Zomes – Amelia, Iaz, George, and Zoe. Zomes are by the far the most important thing I’ve learned last night. A zome is a person’s personal spirit guide that resides in all of us. It helps to influence our personalities. It is the voice in the back of our heads. It is our intuition. Occasionally, they help develop our dreams to guide us. Sometimes they even appear in our dreams. If I could get better at lucid dreams, I would be able to meet my zome.

Now, zomes are sort of trapped inside of us. They can’t move on and are assigned to a person by a higher power, when the person turns 10 years old. It appears that everyone has 2 zomes and they alternate every 5 years. When I turned 15, Amelia became my zome. She is currently very sad because 1. She misses her family and 2. She will be leaving me on my birthday in 2 days and I will get the zome that I had when I was 10.

Amelia 40 years old and loves me. She said “Eric I love you.” According to Zoe (Nikki’s zome) Amelia “broke the rules” and became attached to me, which many zomes don’t do. Now, Zoe loves Nikki, but she’s not attached. Zomes love their human like a mother loves a child. In a weird way, I can see how the zome affects everyone’s personality. Amelia is a 40 year old mother and it’s true that sometime I feel like I do motherly things and am caring and understanding. Nigel’s zome, Iaz is a fun, playful 10 year old boy. Nigel is creative and loves cartoons, has a short attention span, and often, a bit naïve. Sam’s zome, George is 20 years old, and is like Sam in many ways. Same with Zoe, Nikki’s zome.

All the other spirits in the room were freaking out about the zomes. Gavin especially who kept spelling out “zome.” Zomes CAN ONLY COME OUT OF THE HUMAN WHEN IT IS A LUNAR ECLIPSE. So, we cannot hear what zomes are saying, but we can feel it. They can hear our voices our heads and are always aware of what is going on. For example, I asked in my head “Amelia are you able to follow me when you leave me?” and just felt overwhelmed with sadness immediately after. It is EXTREMELY rare that a human gets to meet his zome and I am honored to get to speak with mine. The next lunar eclipse is June 15th, 2011 and hopefully I will meet my new zome then.

How much does Gavin know about zomes?
What language is Gavin writing in?
Where do zomes go when they are not in a human?
Do human beings have more than 2 zomes?
Why do zomes alternate every 5 years?
Is there something in my room that Hans and Marie are afraid of?

Things to do:
Set up Gavin’s bed (use the cot).
Look up info on the Havons.
Looks up info on the Havcketts.
Look up info about Malek.

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